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Scammers! Don't Fall For Them!

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Recently in Whyville, many people have been getting scammed and cheated out of their clams. As always, the main people targeted are usually newbies.

Are you new to Whyville? Or maybe you think you've seen everything. Well, one way or the other, I hope you check out this article.

Here are some ways you could prevent scams from happening to you:

1. If someone says he/she is holding a beauty contest and that clams will be rewarded to the winner, that person is probably going to ask for an entry fee and cheat you of your clams! Most likely, there will be no prize and the person won't even show up to the designated area of the Beauty Contest (a.k.a. BC). Don't fall for anything that involves needing clams to enter!

2. Don't lend anyone clams unless you REALLY know and trust the person. If you don't know the person very well, there is a big chance that he/she won't pay you back.

3. NEVER, EVER send clams to someone who claims to be a part of the Whyville City Management, the City Workers, City Council (which doesn't exist) or the Whyville Senate. Anyone who is apart of City Management will have the official Whyville City Worker beanie, which is a red cap with a yellow CW on it, plus the blue spinner on top. And anyway, anyone who's a part of City Management would NEVER ask you for clams or your password. It's not like they need it!

I hope this information has helped you. Have you ever been scammed? If you have, then you know how it feels.

So do yourself and everyone else a favor and spread the word: STOP ALL SCAMMERS! DON'T FALL FOR THEM!



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