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Whyville Grew!

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Hello, fellow Whyville citizens! My name is babboy11 and I want to share a story with whoever reads the Times. It is about my school and how they helped Whyville grow by up to 1,000 citizens. I bet a lot of you will enjoy this story just as much as I did.

It started out one day when my friend was on the classroom computer. She was logged in to Whyville. At that time, I had no idea what Whyville was, so I asked where she was and why. She told me all about Whyville -- how you can chat to people and even receive mail from people all around the world. Once she was done explaining, I told her she had to help me register for the site.

Once I had an account, I got a form for my parents to fill out. It was to give me permission to chat and send and receive mail. To tell you the truth, I thought my parents wouldn't sign the form, because usually they don't approve of chat sites. But once I showed them the site and told them all about it, they understood, and signed and faxed the form.

Once I was set on Whyville, I started earning more and more clams, and started logging on more and more. I was on Whyville in computer class one day when my teacher saw me there, chatting to people in one of my favorite Whyvillian chat rooms. At first, she was disappointed that I was chatting to people I didn't know. When I explained Whyville to her, though, she understood... and she got the whole school signed up for the site!!!

Once our school was running on Whyville, it spread sround the whole city and to the other schools nearby. When I heard and saw how many people were on Whyville just because of me and my friends, I was amazed.

Think you can do this? Let me tell you, it feels great to know how many people joined Whyville, inspired by me and my friends.

This is babboy11, signing off!

Editor's Note: Awesome! Folks, do you think your school might feel the same way about Whyville? Talk with your teachers! And hey, if they're really excited about Whyville, maybe they can talk with City Hall about how your teachers can use Whyville more actively in your school. They might create special activities for you, or even build a Whyville that's just for your school. The possibilities are endless!


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