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A Reflection

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Things began, dreams shine like the sun, past goals achieved, and a milestone in the future.

1999. A lone town empty, striving for existance, life. Whyville began making its way as a new interactive site on the web only a short time in the past. Years ago, when now-16, -17 and -18-year-olds were pre-teens and new teens. A time when the internet was just becoming a part of life, a must-have in every household, a source of education and communication.

With a few select options and places to explore, with a few games and adventures and only a few select and lucky members, Whyville began.

As the years passed, the town grew. A revolution happened. Change is good, but perhaps too fast of change isn't. In only a few years from the grand opening of Whyville in March 1999, the town boomed with civilization. New games were provided as well as more places to go. Of course, some of the older places in Whyville are hard to come across because they may have been moved, or relocated, so they're a secret to some and a memory to others.

For example: The Times. In Whyville's first few years of life, it was more than just a newspaper, it was its own building right in the middle of Whyville Square, which has now been replaced by City Hall.

Whyville wasn't always so packed, there wasn't always a need for a Why-Pass. With only about 50 members, Whyville was just a place to go to, to further our knowledge. Everyone knew everyone. And when something wasn't right, it was made a point.

Whyville has grown more than 25,000 times its size in six years.

Six long years, and in only four more... 10. A milestone. An important day for all who have worked hard to develop Whyville into this amazing town you enjoy today. For many others like myself, Whyville has been a place to rely on. A second home. I've grown up in Whyville, as have many others.

Although my days weren't based around Whyville (coming home from school and jumping on the minute I walk through the door), it still made an impact. Where else could you learn about rockets and how to write well thought-out articles about things that matter to you, and not stuff you're assigned to write? Where else could you talk to people halfway around the world and perfect a face that defines you? What other site has administrators who work so hard to design such an awesome environment for one and all to be a part of? Where you can interact, and where your opinion really counts?

Whyville is more than another website, another URL on a search engine. It's a place to be yourself, to practice life in the eyes of our generation rather than watching people years older than us live their own lives.

Much like real life, Whyville has its problems, its joys, its opportunities. It's a community for all who wish to be a part of it. With six years under its belt and many more to come. Whyville has accomplished a great deal. And with the help of its citizens and new members, it can further its existance and enhance its list of achievements.

Being a member of Whyville is an opportunity to be yourself and find out who you really are. As well, it gives you the chance to share in a great advance in the world around us, whether it be the internet or reality.

"The hardest battle you're ever going to fight is the battle to just be you."


Bigfoot's Note: Six years. It's hard to believe I've known you that long, Alicia.

Life goes on, twists and turns, sometimes circling back, sometimes it feels like it's come to a stop, but it never really does. I'm so glad to have shared these years and this website with you, and with everyone. I'm glad it meant something to you. Goodbye.

Now, all of you, go out and make the world better for every one of us. I'll keep trying to do my part.


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