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Old TV Can Be Neat!

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When my dad wanted to show me some of the show he liked as a kid, I thought, "Ugh!", but....

One day, when I was about eight years old, my dad wanted to show me some of his old TV videos.

Sounds kinda boring, right?

Well, I discovered they were actually really interesting! The first show he showed me was "The Jack Benny Program". It's now one of my favorite shows. It's a show about Jack and how he practices for his show with Mary, Don, Phil, Dennis and more. And it's funny!

He also shared with me "Mr. Ed", a program about a talking horse who only talks to one guy, and they have to keep his intelligence a secret! Naturally, the horse and his friend get into lots of predicaments. (Once, he almost became an astronaut!)

He also showed me "The Honeymooners", a show about a husband and wife, their wacky neighbors and the husband's constant get-rich-quick schemes. (Editor's Note: This classic, CLASSIC TV comedy is being remade as a movie -- I wonder if they can capture the charm of the original!)

Also, one of my all time favorites is "I Love Lucy", a show about another husband and wife, their neighbors, and all their very wacky adventures! (Like the one about the chocolate factory -- that episode, everyone should see!)

So, the next time you're looking for something to watch, try and find some of these for some good old-fashioned laughs!

This is Trips, signing off.


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