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The Ads Add Up!

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I've been reading about the ads that have come to Whyville and when people think they show up, and when they don't. Most of the rumors aren't true.

I have read some things saying if you have a whypass, you don't get ads. This isn't true. I had ads, and I have a whypass. They weren't that bad, and I couldn't care less about them being there! (Except for some ones about doll houses. :-P)

If you have the ads though, I think you should click ones that you find interesting! Every click gives Whyville a tiny bit of money, depending on the ad, and that adds up soon enough!

I saw some ads that appealed to me too! I didn't know what clicking on them meant then, so I didn't click. It's too bad! :-(

Think about all the money Whyville gets from the ads! Probably a lot! Think about it, one click on one ad, then another ad, then another, and soon Whyville has made $20.00 off these ads in a small amount of time!

If you click on the ads more than once, then more money will be given to Whyville.

There have been complaints that some ads have spyware. I doubt this is true. It is probably someone who doesn't like the ads saying this so people don't click them.

Now remember to click ads for Whyville!

The ads bring this cool dude!

He's cute!

Oh no, I've got to feed my cat, AGAIN! He is too hungry!!

This is ps2man1, feeding his cat. *click*


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