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Here's something very interesting. . .

Just the other day I was really bored and I thought, "Hey. . .the Whyville Times!" So I signed in and started reading articles and realized I had read all of them. I was about to sign off and go do something else, but instead I decided to explore.

I went to the front page and typed a "1" beside where it said "Article ID #:". The article's name was, "Welcome to the Times." Whyville had just began. Everything was so awesome and new!

Next I typed in 324. It was an article about how everyone has a grandma, and that Grandma Whyville was coming to town this week. You all thought Grandma had been here forever, well, think again!

Next I searched for article 455. I came across a type of hair that is popular in Whyville. Of course, it was blonde. Not a big huge surprise there.

Then, I decided to search in the thousands. 2220 was an article about a media hour review on December 18, 2003!

So, I encourage all of you to search for all different Times articles next time you find yourself yearning for something new to read.

ThIs iS angell8, out.

Editor's Note:I appreciate you taking the time to search through archived articles! We actually have over 5,000 articles that have been published. We'll keep that number rising with continued submissions like yours!


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