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Greetings fellow Whyvillians! This is "Detective" Morganna on the case, and I am proud to say that this is my first article for the times. I hope you enjoy it!

Are you a Club Why member? Have you been lucky enough to chat in the exclusive, Club Why chat room? Well, I am not a member, and I have always wondered what lies beneath the trap door of Club Why. Maybe there is funky furniture in the chat room, and loud blasting music, exclusive games, or maybe even a talking, purple, dragon! Then, I think to myself. . ."Is my imagination going too far this time?" Will this veil of secrecy ever be lifted for the rest of us non-members to see? Read on. . .

Luckily, Cloudy05 (one of the many, lucky Club Why members) was hanging outside of Club Why. Happily and patiently, she answered the following questions:

Morganna: Describe the exclusive Club Why chat room.
Cloudy05: The Club Why chat room is a fun, colorful, and vibrant place to hangout and meet people from across the world!
Morganna: Describe the exclusive Club Why party room; do you enjoy exercising this privilege?
Cloudy05: The party room is a fun, hidden place with a disco ball and music. I enjoy using the party room. However, it can be a bit of a pain to sign up for a party; it can take a long time (due to the amount of party requests.)
Morganna: In your opinion, is the Club Why fee of 1,000 clams too high, too low, or just right?
Cloudy05: The 1000 clam fee does seem a bit too high. However, after you think about it and work towards getting in to Club Why, it is just right.
Morganna: How does Club Why help support Whyville?
Cloudy05: Club Why helps support Whyville by helping people continue to stay on and work hard to see that mystery place (also known as the Club Why chat room!)
Morganna: What is your overall opinion of Club Why?
Cloudy05: Overall, Club Why is great. I love making friends in the Club Why chat room, and just chatting about hobbies and life.

Cased closed! I hope that this has proved to be a satisfying and helpful article.

As for me, I have other tracks to follow, cases to study, and mysteries to reveal. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger (also known as the "Terminator"), "I'll be back!"



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