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Bigfoot's Impact

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Bigfoot. What a guy. He was a City Worker. A person. Someone to talk to.

Bigfoot and I chatted rarely, but I knew he was a great guy. I would try to come to as many events that he took part in that I could. His recent article is extremely well-written and if you have not read it yet, you should take the time to soon. I am an Oldbie and I can relate to everything he is saying. I remember everything like it was yesterday.

Even if you never spoke to Bigfoot, know this: he tested games, he hosted Whyville events, he wrote in the Times, and he took his time to write Whyville a long good bye.

I rarely come on Whyville anymore, but when I do, I always look up Bigfoot in the City Records. When I came on today, I looked him up and his beanie was gone. I came straight to the Times to figure out what was up. When I found out, I was shocked. But, after reading the article I knew that he must have something very important to do.

Bigfoot if you are reading this, thanks for everything you have done for Whyville and please, when you come back, keep me in contact.

This is RyRy, signing off.


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