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A Better Bargain

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These days, it's so hard to find a perfectly shaped head and good priced quality face parts to match. Even once you get a decent daily salary, some parts cost hundreds of dollars. Most of the really good and popular items are sold out and the other ones usually cost a fortune! So how do you find a great deal on great quality parts?

One option would be to go to the Trading Post. Offer something you don't use often and, if you have your chatting licence, ask for the certain part you want. If you're lucky, the Whyvillian you are trading with will have the part you asked for and maybe even in the style you want! They might have something really cool that's now sold out or something hard to find and now they're trading it with you!

If they don't trade, keep your chin up and wait for another trading partner. Just remember to offer something that's not too cheap or you'll most likely end up with something else cheap!

Another way to find great deals (sometimes) is to enter "cheap" in the search box at Akbar's Face Mall in front of the name of the item you want (for example, "cheap eyes"). You might come across a really nice face part that isn't too expensive and fits your needs! This doesn't work all the time but, hey it's worth a try!

If you're up to a long search through a specific section of Akbar's Face Mall, you could possibly come across a great deal! Just the other day, I was looking for a bargain on a nice shirt and I found one that looked really realistic and professional and guess how much it was? A mere 10 clams! I successfully bought the shirt and even managed to trade it for a really nice blonde wig that looked fairly expensive!

The trick is to be able to recognize a great deal, or a huge rip-off. Consider trying a few of the tips above before you decide on one expensive item you really want. You might come across another one that's cheaper and that you like even more! If it's one of those really expensive animated items, (like a pair of lips I saw that smiled for 400 clams!) then keep looking for a non-animated item you also like. You'll probably come across similar ones or possibly a part that you like even more at a cheaper price!

Also, be sure to try the object on. If it's a shirt, a set of eyes, ears, hair, a nose, lips or another face part, make sure it's in the right proportion with your head. With this is mind, you should buy a head first. Before you go ahead and buy one that looks like the perfect shape, try it on to see what size it is. You wouldn't want a huge head like the one you start out with because most of the clothing won't fit it and neither will some of the face parts.

You should be careful when trading because sometimes something the other person is trading you could be the wrong size. Hover your mouse over the item in the trading box, memorize the name and open a new internet window. Then go to www.Whyville.net but sign in as a guest and quickly search up the name of the item at Akbar's Face Mall. Just tell the person you're trading with you'll be a second so you won't lose a possibly good trade. It would also help to have that window open already before you enter the Trading Post. If you can't find the item, it might be sold out, so it's up to you to take a chance and buy it, or refuse the trade and keep searching for a deal.

So, if you remember the tips from this article, you'll hopefully find some great deals on great items and with that, I'll finish my very first article for the Whyville Times!

-Happy Shopping,
sampster2 :)


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