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I'll Wait Too

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We were introduced, you and I,
On the first day of junior high.
I was blonde and full of life,
And you were a red head full of misery.

All our friends joked about us being a "match made in heaven",
But I turned my face away from yours,
And away from your uncool clothes,
And your droopy eyes.

We were still friends you and I, but you longed to hold me close,
And all my friends laughed with me at the thought about us together.
I remember for a while I wanted you too,
But changed my mind the moment I saw the hottest guy in school.

Now here we are still friends as always,
Helping each other out with life.
But you've grown up,
And a different feeling is bubbling to the top.

Now I want you more than anything,
I want to hold you close,
I want to hear you say you want me,
And I want to have you to myself.

But you've moved on to another girl,
Prettier none the less.
And now I'm stuck wanting what,
I could have had a long while ago,

I'll still wait until the day when we are more than just friends,
Because you are worth waiting my whole life,
And I will wait forever.


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