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A New (Old) Idea

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Committees. I think it's a really good idea, so I decided to bring it up again.

In the article, JasmineK talks about an idea she had that there should be certain committees in Whyville to help lighten the load on the shoulders of Y-mail helpers and City Workers. Her ideas for the committees were as follows:

*Welcome Committee
*Activities Committee
*Homework Help Committee
*Friendly Chat Committee
*Sponsorship Committee
*Science Committee

For the descriptions of these committees, you can read the article originally written about them, which I described above. The point of this article isn't to present the idea to you, because JasmineK has already done that. My point is to say, "Dude, I think this is a really good idea."

So. Dude, I think this is a really good idea.

I think it would help Whyville to have committees like this. The positions would be given to citizens who are active in the Whyville community, like people who write articles or take place in Trivia and Media Hour.

Of course, there would be specific requirements you would need to meet to hold positions. You would be able to distinguish these people by medals -- similar to those given out to people who have been here for a year or more -- that would be given to them by City Hall. Maybe there would be benefits, or a bonus, for being selected for these committees, but there doesn't have to be. That's up to City Hall and the other City Workers, as is whether these committees will ever even exist.

So here's where I ask for your help. If you want these committees to happen, say so. Write petitions and ask people to sign them. Write more articles about the subject. Do something. Hey, you never know. You might even be chosen to be on one of them.

Thanks to JasmineK for thinking up the idea and writing an article about it.

This is monkey459, signing off.
*click, click*

Editor???s Note:: The article you referenced, "Committees," by JasmineK is article 3199. If you'd like to read it, you can search for it by typing in 3199 next to Article ID # under the Search option. Take a look if you are interested!


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