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Return of the Vial

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A few months ago City Hall distributed 10,000 medicine vials to the citizens most likely to contract the WhyPox disease. You had to ingest three for the medicine to work, and getting your hands on them was hard! With the current outbreak of WhyPox coming to a close, it left me wondering:

What will happen next time?

Will City Hall distribute MORE vials? Will you have to ingest as many? Will those previously immune no longer have that privilege? Will the remaining vials from this epidemic be deleted?

Personally, I think it would make it interesting if City Hall sent out more vials and kept the dose the same. What's REALLY making a stir is the people who think like me. . .=P

Currently, the trading post is rabid with people trying to sell their vials. They are trying to sell them for 10,000 clams. WhyPox is almost over, and I tell them that I do not think they are worth that much. I get them to sell the vials for 100 clams instead. I walk out of the trading post, a new vial in my hands, and a clever grin on my face.

What they don't know, is that it IS worth that much. That is, if my prediction is correct. If City Hall does NOT delete the remaining vials, my plan is working perfectly. You see, once WhyPox starts up again, what will happen? People will freak out, and pay even MORE than 10,000 clams to get a vial. Right now, you can buy a vial for much cheaper.

I've got three. It cost around 500 clams for all of them. Last time, to make myself immune, BEFORE the disease, it cost me around 2,000 clams. See the difference?

Now, what happens if City Hall distributes more? I got one last time. Since I get on and chat SO much, I'm probably contagious beyond all reason. So maybe I'll get another one. Then I'll have four. Woohoo. Now, if City Hall makes it so you have to re-dose in order to stay immune, I'll use all mine up, but I'll be immune, for very few clams.

So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready. Strike when you see a vial, but don't pay that much. Remember: They could all be deleted, we never know.

In all my immunity goodness, this is casc302 saying,


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