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Forgotten Chat Rooms

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When you log on to Whyville you almost immediately go to a chat room, right? Perhaps the Beach, the Playground, the Mall, or maybe even City Hall. But do you ever go to AF Rec Room? Or outside of the Getty Museum? Read the following list. Maybe you've been to some, maybe you haven't. Try visiting some of these, rather than jam-packing the Beach:

First room:AF Rec Room (Outside)
Where to find it: Go to Whyville West, then click on the AF Rec Room. You will then be outside the AF Rec room.

Second room: City Hall Elevator
Where to find it: Go to City Hall, then click on the Elevator.

Third room: Dr. Leila's Front Yard
Where to find it: Enter Whyville Square, then click on the crooked little house.

Fourth & Fifth rooms: Getty Museum Basement and outside the Getty Museum
Where to find them: Enter Whyville Square and click on the big, gray, tan building. You will be on the lovely front lawn of the Getty Museum. Click on the door, and you are **gasp** inside the Getty Museum. Next, if you click on the "Art Storage" sign, it shall lead you directly to the Getty Museum Basement.

Sixth and Final room: Whyology Center
Where to find it: Go to the Why House and click on the door that says "Whyology Center" and...you are there!

I am completely aware that there are more "forgotten" chat rooms out there, but I think you should figure them out yourself. Besides, there's a brownie in the kitchen that's talking to me.

Raindream, signing off. . .



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