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Teleporting -- The New Way to Travel!

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So we discovered this new way to travel -- but, how do you do it? Read on to find out about Teleporting. . .

Teleporting is something exciting. I just figured it out myself. So you ask, "What is it?" Well, if you don't already know, teleporting is a way to get to other places that you couldn't normally get to by clicking or are not in the destination box. All you have to do is type in: teleport [place you are going to] -- without the brackets of course.

How I figured out about teleporting: I was in the food court, muching on a hot dog--LoL, when all of the sudden someone said something like, "TELE;PORT MOON," and I noticed that he spelled it wrong. So, I decided to try it, and sure enough, after I typed in, "teleport moon," I ended up at the moon. After that I decided to try a few new places, so I thought to myself, if there is the Moon, why not Mars, so off I went. I also discovered Jupiter, and Saturn this way. Pretty soon I was spending all my time there, because it was interesting to talk to other Whyvillians while looking at the moon and the planets.

These are the places that I know you can teleport to:
1. Moon
2. Mars
3. Jupiter
4: Saturn
5: Earth
6: Newspaper

At first, I didn't know about Earth or the newspaper. I'm pretty sure I saw someone teleport to the newspaper on the Moon, so I decided to try it, and sure enough it worked. Later, I went back to the newspaper, and asked someone, "What other places can you go to?" Turns out you can get to Earth just as easily. I thought that was kind of weird at first, and I wondered if I would turn up at the sign-up page or something like that, but I tried it and I ended up at a map of the world. That was pretty cool, and it turns out that the red squares, all over the world, are acually names for the places. You can hover your mouse over the red square and it will say the place's name. There is one square over Australia, and it said Australia. There are also individual states listed for the US.

So, teleporting isn't hard, and it gets you to places without having to use a space shuttle. . .and it doesn't cost a thing!

Who knew so many people could be on the moon at one time!

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