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The WhyPox are Back!

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"Bless You"

Oh, no! They're back!! Get all the vials you possess and ingest them! If you don't have any, you're out of luck! What are vials, some might ask. Well the CDC, or Center For Disease Control, in Whyville discovered a vaccination that might work a few months ago. They were given to those who were in danger of getting WhyPox. Where do you get them? Well this I don't know.

The symptoms of WhyPox are sneezing and zits. These symptoms are both bad. The sneezing limits you from talking. It is so annoying talking to your best friend, and you can't say anything because you are constantly sneezing.

The zits are so annoying because some uncool people pick on you because of your appearance. Sometimes this results to leaving, or not chatting. This can seriously effect or community, because this might even result to quitting.

So, you are in a room talking with your friend, and a person starts to talk to you and then they say the ever annoying, "Achoo." Your friend starts to pick on them, and you join in. This is wrong. Think, what if that was you? You would feel so embarrassed.

Sadly, we have not found a cure, but we have came up with a vaccination. We might find one soon. . .or we might not.

Before the CDC discovered the vaccination, people advised those who had the virus not to change face parts often, because it was believed possible to stir it up. Others suggested deleting the infected person from your address book, to keep from getting the virus.

We haven't figured out the cure for WhyPox. There could be a solution out there in cyberspace, but we might never find it. . .or maybe we will. Whyville scientists -- you and me, in fact -- are on the job at the CDC!

You might find some help from some of the past articles on the subject:

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Well I am sure you may find more articles on the subject, if you take the time to search the archives. And remember, you can make a difference by giving help at the CDC. You can even earn CLAMS by helping! So you have nothing to lose. Please, give it a try.

This is Kellee20 going to the CDC to help discover a cure!!
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Editor's Note: Make sure you check out Casc302's article in this edition called "Return of the Vial", it has an interesting theory on collecting vials.


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