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Two Articles, Two Opinions

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So, I was looking through the past issue of the Times, and I came upon two articles with opposite opinions IN ONE ISSUE! I thought, hmm. . .maybe the Editor wanted to start a fun and safe debate. But then again, maybe they were just two articles that happened to be similar. So I thought, "Why not make a third to these articles, hehe." So if you're wondering what these two articles are they were, "What Did You Type," by ThezUsedz, and, "Learn the Lingo," by Sirjase19. Now, in my English class we are always learning how to compare and contrast and I thought I'd practice the skill by writing this article, so HERE WE GO!

"What Did You Type"

This article was basically explaining what a pain it is when people shorten every word possible on the internet. Such as, "Waz ^ Peepz hwz yall be doin wll i g2g byez." She interviewed a couple people to prove her point that not using proper English is just a 100% no-no. She typed her questions using terrible English. I thought this was a pretty good article and very true.

"Learn The Lingo"

This article was an article naming various acronyms that many people use on the internet. Apparently, SirJase19 agreed with the internet lingo. I guess his point was to help people shorten words and make it easier for them to type faster. It may be easier for the person typing, but is it easier for the readers? Hmm. . .

The Differences

While ThezUsedz despised internet slang, lingo, or whatever it's called, SirJase19 supported the idea of shortening words. Also, if you didn't read the past issue, ThezUsedz was under the category "Interview," and SirJase19 was under the category "Help." Why? Because, ThezUsedz's article featured interviews, and SirJase19 featured different acronyms for people to learn.

The Similarities

Both talked about the internet lingo that prowls Whyville from citizen to citizen!

So. . .what is your opinion? Internet lingo or no internet lingo, that my friend is the question! No matter what your opinion is on this popular internet slang, I'm pretty sure the internet slang will never come to a stop but, maybe just maybe. . . .


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