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A Catastrophic Event

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If anyone has been watching the news, you have probably heard about Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was a terribly strong storm that was born in the Bahamas and brought to the shores of the southeast, southern Louisiana to be exact. This hurricane is one of the most powerful hurricanes in history!

I'm sorry to say that I am from Louisiana and we are without power. But, enough about me and more about the storm. On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina, a category five hurricane with 150 mph winds (my guess), hit land in Plaquemine Parish knocking down just about anything in its path. Although New Orleans was the second worst case scenario, I will talk about this most since this is the place with the most damage that I know of.

Many people, knowing danger was in the air, boarded up their houses, taped their windows, and evacuated. Most were wondering, "I wonder if I left anything behind," or, "I hope my house will be okay." Unfortunately, boarded up windows didn't stop Hurricane Katrina and her power. Many houses are underwater, power lines are knocked down, trees lay in the road, and sharks swim on the I-10 service road (YES SHARKS).

Even a powerful man-made levee couldn't stand Hurricane Katrina. Yes, the levee blocking Lake Ponchatrain's water has a break as wide as a football field! Many people are sitting on their roof tops awaiting to be rescued, some I'm afraid have died. Looters prowl the city areas stealing anything in sight. Helicopters fly the sky picking up people from their roof tops and bringing them to safe grounds.

The Super Dome, once a beautiful stadium where the Saints go marching in, is now destroyed (temporarily of course). New Orleans waters are rising. To make matters worse, New Orleans is below sea level and is like a giant bowl. When the waters fall or come from the river it will go into this bowl and put many buildings, cars, and trees underwater. Frightening?

NO, not for me! I live west of New Orleans but Hurricane Katrina still did quite a bit of damage to my town too. A person's carport is now all over my neighbors yards; a tree has fallen on our power line knocking out power for days, maybe weeks; branches cover yards; water floods streets, maybe windows have knocked out, I do not know, our house remains untouched (except for about 200 branches, LoL).

I'm sad to say that I did not have to do any research whatsoever on this catastrophic event. Our radio has worked, down to every bit of juice left in the battery (that is where I got all of my info from). My Maw Maw evacuated to our house because she lives in a flood prone area; we still don't know how her house is (we aren't allowed to go into Plaqumines Parish until further notice). This catostrophic event may have taken many houses, trees, and lives, but not mine, and now I live to tell the story of Hurricane Katrina.


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