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Getty Hour!

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A few days ago, there was an icon on the calendar I wasn't all that familiar of. It was the Getty Hour icon. I couldn't go to the first one, but today, I went to the second one! It was fun!

This hour was a time where we discussed about art, museums that we went to, what we'd like in the Getty Museum, and what kind of art that we do. The host was Jolifanta, and scyllacat posted quotes from the Whyvillians on the board! I took some pictures!

This is when Jolifanta asked us what we wanted in museums and what would be cool for the Getty Museum to have. People said things such as, "a mural of hand prints," and, "a place for kids to paint."

This is a quote of Digster02. A lot of people agreed and felt the same way. Art DOES help you express yourself.

This is a quote of when Jolifanta asked about what we learned from the Getty Museum, ArtSets and the Treasure Hunt in Whyville. This is what I said that I learned from the Treasure Hunt.

This is when someone asked about the Getty Museum's site and Jolifanta answered by telling them the site. This site could be accessed from the Treasure Hunt and ArtSets too! Jolifanta is the Getty website designer and helped create ArtSets.

This is when Jolifanta and scyllacat had to go. :(

I'm going to go play ArtSets in honor of this event.

This is ps2man1, artsetting away! *click!*


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