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Racial Tensions Unearthed with a Disaster

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Many of you, by now, have heard about the horrible disaster in New Orleans. For you people who didn't, a terrible, category 5 hurricane struck parts of the Gulf Coast, bringing flooding to many cities. The worst hit was New Orleans.

New Orleans sits 12 feet below sea level. The levees, which held the water in, broke and water rushed into the city. People are stranded and other people in surrounding city's are helping, but I'm beginning to think, along with other people, that it is becomming a racial issue.

If you turn on channels like CNN, or MSNBC, you will notice that a majority of the people are African-American. People in New Orleans are stranded and President Bush seems like he is taking his time getting reinforcements. A lot of the stranded people are screaming to news casters that it's becomming a racial issue.

The storm is also effecting my family in many ways. We donated clothes, and money, but other things are affecting us. Gas prices are up a dollar since last week,. My mom used to pay 15 dollars a year ago, until recently she payed 30 dollars for $2.39 a gallon, the price in Connecticut two days ago. Now the price is $3.11 a gallon! And in New Orleans the price is way over $6.00.

Water is still rising, and people are dying every second. There is a lot you can do to help! Donate clothes, money, and food. Or if you live on one of the surrounding cities, invite someone over for food! Or even help with the recovery! There are plenty of things you can do!

Let's just hope things get better quickly.

Ozzy111, here, eating my addicting sunflower seeds.


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