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Lost CWs: Part Two

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A while ago, I read kimker's article, "Lost CWs," and decided to continue on that, because there are a lot of CWs that barely anyone knows about! There are even some new CWs in Whyville! Who you may ask? You'll find out here!

Name: Alamo123
How I found out about him: He suggested items at Ymart!
Rating: I'm pretty sure that only the people that really pay attention know about him. They might not even know! LoL.

Name: AMae
How I found out about her: My friend Rex13 told me that she was at the pool party the other day saying hi to Whyvillians.
Rating: I bet barely anyone knows about her. Paying attention maybe wouldn't even help you find out about her. I guess you're just lucky to hear.

Name: GolferJ
How I found out about him: Neutral and ScyllaCat announced him as a new CW at a Meet the Makers meeting not too long ago.
Rating: I bet he is a bit more well known, because he was announced several months ago. But still, some people probably have no clue about him.

Name: Ymart
How I found out about him: He y-Mailed people to suggest products for Ymart.
Rating: People who suggested products to Ymart would know about him, and so would people who asked how to. But I bet that some people still don't know about him!

Ever hear of them? I bet some of you haven't. Maybe a lot of you haven't!

Ugh. I have to go do some "Family bonding."

This is ps2man1


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