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What Was the Civil War All About?

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What was the United States Civil War all about? Many describe it as a war between the North and the South to abolish slavery. Very true. . .but was that all? I don't think so.

My fifth grade teacher is an expert on United States history. She is from South Carolina, which is a Southern state. Her grandmother hated the North. Why was this? Was her grandmother for slavery? Actually she was not.

You see, the main economy for the South is farming cotton, tobacco, and etc. The farm owners didn't actually farm, they had slaves do it. So, when the North wanted to abolish slavery, it would destroy the South's economy system. Make sense? You see why the Southerners were mad? Goodbye African-American slaves meant goodbye all their money and trade!

I want to explain another big reason why this war happened. If you haven't heard of the Revolutionary War, between The 13 colonies (The United States) and England, I will tell you. The 13 colonies were part of England. England needed more money so it started putting large taxes on products sold to the 13 colonies. To make a long story short, the 13 colonies had a group of rebels that started a war against England and England lost. The "group of rebels" later started the United States. This was like the Civil War.

The North (like England) started making the South (like the 13 colonies) do things they didn't like. The South rebelled against the North like the U.S. against England! Wo,w it's like the same war twice, except this time "England" or the North won! That is why my 5th grade teacher's grandmother was against the North, though the war had already taken place. Well I hope you've learned something interesting about U.S. history!

This is ferrari5x.


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