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Portal: Part One

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How many times have you read a fascinating novel of exciting adventure of heroes rescuing princesses and fighting dangers on the back of a bold unicorn. How many times have you read these stories and thought to yourself, "I wish these magical creatures really existed!" Well, I figured out you don't have to wish anymore. My name's Sasha and this is my story.

One stormy afternoon I was driving along a muddy back road singing along to my favorite song on the radio. This peaceful drive home from Saskatoon, where I work, was suddenly interrupted when a white muddy horse just appeared out of nowhere in front of my navy Jeep. Screaming, I cranked the wheel and crashed into the ditch. As my jeep slowly grinded to a stop, I remembered the reason I crashed. Slowly I reached for the door as my shaking hands fumbled with the door handle. As I slowly got out and climbed to the top of the ditch I saw it.

It was almost glowing even though it was dirty from collapsing into the muddy ditch. I slowly walked over to it, because I was a farm girl and I knew that injured animals were dangerous. When I was barely three feet away I began to here a strange noise. It was very odd because it was like words but that was impossible because no one was around me. No one except that strange white horse. Then I heard it again.. Then I realized, as improbable as it was the strange white horse was talking to me.

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Thinking up new twists,

Author's Note:Just for the record this didn't really happen and this isn't my real name.


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