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The Eclipse of Doom

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The Eclipse of Doom

by Etrnl *
    Whyville Writer

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End?

The December winds blew from all directions, but did that stop anyone at the square? Two children were playing a small soccer game, and some older Whyvillians were talking about the soon-to-be Newbie Center and Club Why.

Nothing obscene, nothing unusual about this day.

"Serenity!" someone suddenly cried out to me, in a happy, excited voice.

"Polly!" I cried back to the face named "swtpolly". We were old-time friends. Her name was supposed to be Sweet Polly, but she had to shorten it to fit it in, just as I did. Etrnl * is short for The Eternal Star of the Cosmic Celestials. But of course, that is a very long name to have, so I'd shortened it.

Others were chatting merrily, just as Polly and I did. Suddenly, it started getting dark. The time was noon, but it was getting dark as if it were almost night. I looked up in the sky.

The winter sun had been bright that day, but it was slivering over in darkness.

"A Whyville Lunar Eclipse!" I yelled out. Polly and I stood and watched terror etch on every Whyvillians face as they scrambled to get home. Any Whyville Lunar Eclipse (WhyLE), meant terrible, horrible things were to happen. I knew that my friends and I had a very short time to get everything prepared for what was about to happen.

I called an emergency meeting at the newly built Beauty Girl Co Depot. Room 187-3, on the Third Floor, was loud with commotion.

"Attention, attention!" I cried out. I had to admit, this was the second WhyLE I had lived through, but it still sent chills down my spine. Sometime, WhyLEs were fateful. Fatalities would scatter everywhere after them. I didn't know enough about them, but I knew we had to get this meeting done, and quick.

All sat down at the regular seats. Some of my closest friends had tears in their eyes.

"As you know," I began in an unsteady voice. "A... Whyville Lunar Eclipse is upon us."

"This won't affect out Depot., will it?" Asked EtrnlNo2, softly, as almost to whisper.

"No no, Chibi. We're created off of Whyville." I replied as I heard a sigh of relief flood around the room. "But," My voice seemed to fade off. "It might cause some damage to statistics, sales, and... our workers."

"What?" I heard people mumble.

"Whyville Lunar Eclipses can... kill us?" asked Kaki, whose screen name was ShiningMars.

"Well, in a sense. They can put us into a deep sleep, and... *glup*, some never awaken from it..." I said unsteadily, and under a very heavy breath.

The rest of the meeting consisted of clearing out the first and second floors of innocent Whyvillians, and trying to secure all of our work. Most of us left town with what work we could salvage and carry with us. Others of us decided to stay.

I was one who decided to stay.

Chapter 2: Terror Strikes

I tried to calm down, as everything was in a blur. My life, as my Whyvillian friends knew me, might never re-awaken from that deadly sleep. It scared me.

The Square was still, silent, as the brisk winds picked up some snow, dusting it around in the air, giving Whyville an eerie look.

Most places had already been cleared, and I sighed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the ground trembled. I fell trying to keep my balance. Places all over Whyville were streaming with cracks. Then, gravity seemed to try to do its worst to us, as I was pressured down onto the cold, snow-plowed pavement. I watched one of my best friends, Trisha, or PosiStar, fall trough the crack into oblivion. I cried, helpless, and watched this scene.

What evil brought this onto Whyville? The last time, it had been a fish, evil, who had brought it on, and eclipsed the sun through an ancient herb drink. What was it this time? I only had four or five seconds to ponder this, then everything went black.

Chapter 3: Obscure



I only saw those two things. Time went so slow, as I could not move, could not speak, could not do anything... The blackness scared me, the darkness covered me.

It seemed like months, years had passes by, and I had not seen light.

Suddenly, I heard a scream that sent me into a panic. Moans, groans, as if the evil has collapsed around me, began. I tried to stand, but I couldn't even move myself. I tried to yell, but my mouth stayed still.

I began to see things. Monsters, Youmas, ghosts. Ghastly things that would scare the wits out of me, had I not already been scared to, what I though was, death.



And now, Monsters....



Chapter 4: The Re-Awakening

I opened my eyes, and sat still up on my pink floor. My house was stripped bare of every furniture I had. My bed, my dresser, my kitchen, front room, bedrooms, even my storage closet was empty!

I walked out into Whyville Square. I squinted my eyes in the bright sun. My dress, a shimmering pink formal dress, was ripped and shredded into an un-mendable pattern. My hair, which has been curled and set into position the last time I had seen the light, was now down, straight, and a bit of a mess. I had one earring in, and it had lost its jewel. My feet were bare. I had cuts, bruises, scars everywhere.

Over the hill, a figure loomed, tall, unsightly, but shadowed. It had a strange form. It then disappeared.




I heard voices as several of my friends ran to me. We had a group hug, right there, in the Square. We all looked like a wreck, but who wouldn't after they had been through that dreadful, ghastly sleep of 2000, 2001?

-The End-




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