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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week
Happy Thanksgiving!

If you've been to Whyville Square or Whyville West this week, then you've seen our special Thanksgiving surprise for you. Hope you got a good laugh, because the Whybird sure didn't when we proposed this idea to him...

Something else is new in Whyville Square, as our astute citizens must've noticed already. There's a whole new building! Tiki Tours has moved into town, right across the street from the Spin Lab. Tiki Tours will be putting together a whole series of "Eyeball Expeditions" here at Whyville, just for your enjoyment.

On these expeditions, you'll be traveling in your Whyville Warp Wagon (watch out for it next week) to locations all over the world. And oh yeah, the wagon travels in time too!

The first expedition due to take off is the Solstice Safari. This tour departs on Dec 4th, and naturally you have to join the team before it leaves, so visit Tiki Tours today and get signed up!

Also in the news -- shelves designed especially for showcasing your trophies are on sale this week at the Furniture Farm. And the Face-Off is still in progress, so find out from Marty who the finalists are and vote!



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