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During the Dark Ages

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During the Dark Ages

by spazchick
    Whyville Writer

Whyville means a lot to me!! My parents say I spend too much time there, and that it's just a website. I started writing articles because of Whyville, and I realized I really like it!! My parents do admit to that, though. Because of Whyville, I'm interested in being a Journalist, and I'm more psyched in Language class when we have to write articles or papers. I've even thought about writing an article about Whyville in my newspaper in my home town. (My dad gave me that idea.)

My take on the blackout is that they took Whyville away, not only because they needed to move their servers, but also because of how we've been acting!! Everyone's guilty in one way or another. I got sad when Whyville wasn't there, but I'd seen everything that's gone on, like asking people to cyber (ew!), stalking, stealing passwords, and it's just getting out of hand!! I'm not saying everyone's like that, but some are. If my parents saw how people acted before the blackout, they might never let me come back!! It used to be so fun, and peaceful, when there weren't so many people.

But then, the sickos found it. Don't get me wrong, I love Whyville, but there are just some people I'm not that crazy about. I began to feel even more sad when Whyville had to put a bad language filter on, and start taping people, because that is not at all what Whyville's about. It's about learning, interacting, and fun. Yes, we needed them, but the fact that we needed them is what is depressing. Whyville's been great!!

And sometimes, I confess, I relied on it too much, and forgot about my family. Instead of going out to a movie with them, I would've rather stayed home and get on Whyville. But I've learned to control that now. I've gotten that taken care of.

Whyville is a place to learn, and make new friends. But recently, it's been a place to harass, and take advantage of people. Some citizens are as young as 6 years old, ranging up to, who knows? 80? I agreed with shutting it down for a while, even if it was just to relocate servers. We needed it, even though I wish we didn't. During the "Dark Ages" that Whyville was out, I came to Whyville every day, hoping it was back up, and then I would go do something else.

Since 12/14/1999 (the day I joined), Whyville has been my absolute favorite thing on the web!! I joined before there was marriage, before there was the Face Factory, before there was Vanilla (lol!- I introduced her to it), before there were Christmas Trees at the Furniture Farm, and geez, before there was warning/silencing!

I've always been willing to help out, and hopefully soon, I will be starting a new project, called 4newbies. Basically, I will clothe newbies and educate them about Whyville. But you'll find out more about that later. I'm glad to see Whyville growing, and I hope it will continue growing in the future. So many new places and ideas are being added to Whyville, with the WASA space station, Club Y, everything! So, before I go, I'd like to take the time to say Thanks to City Hall, to the Editor, to City Workers, everyone that has made Whyville so great this past year!!





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