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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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For this spotlight thing, I couldn't really decide who to nominate. I had thought of many people to nominate, but couldn't decide who would be the best choice. So here is one of my best choices: Armada.

Armada, aka Danni, is a great choice. She has a salary of 123 clams a day as of now. She also was a cancer survivor.

In May or June this year, Danni hadn't been on for 2 weeks, and she didn't say anything regarding it beforehand. We thought nothing was wrong, maybe she was in trouble for something or maybe she was sick. She was sick. She was sick with cancer. That week, she'd been diagnosed.

We all felt bad for her, and my friend iwhaiwnfi made a cancer ribbon in the face factory called "For Danni." It isn't in Akbar's anymore, but I remember buying 2 or 3.

Later after that, coming from that experience, she wrote a poem accepted for the Times called "Why." She is also a writer for the Times and has been published quite a few times. She's quite the Whyvillian. I hope she gets spotlight.

So, as you can see, armada would be a great choice for spotlight. I'm not going to say something corny about "When I hear the words spotlight citizen, armada comes to mind," but I will say armada deserves spotlight citizen.

So, there it is. As Danni would say, so long and thanks for all the fish.

This is ps2man1, signing off.


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