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RyRy's Updated Platform

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This is RyRy's updated platform. Please see the original posted below it.

Okay everyone. First off: I am extremely sorry that my original platform was so brief. This is my first time running and I had no idea what to write. I am here to write a whole new one and this time I hope you will like it!

1)Lifetime Passes - I know many people have been pushing for this. I have been pushing it for a long time now and I would like it to happen. I know many people think this will never happen but I think it can.

2)Game Issues - I know that many of the games are either not working or are really messed up. For instance, the Skater Game is not working at all and the Balloon Race game doesn't send your score. I am going to try to push this to get fixed.

3)Social Events - I know right now that Whyville is lacking social events. I know in the passed we have had the prom and that was really cool. I hope that we can soon have more.

4)Address Book Problems - I have been having problems with my address book. I cannot add most people and my address book only goes up to 25 even though I have a Why Pass. I really hope we can get this fixed.

5)Housing Issues - Another problem in Whyville is that anyone can add you to there house whenever they feel like. I think that you should get a Y-mail asking if you want to live there.

6)Akbar's Dressing Room - I remember the old dressing room. I think that it should be somewhat like that. We should be able to at least move our parts around on our face. I know it will probably be to much to have all of your parts on the side to take out.

This is my platform and I hope you all enjoyed it! Remember, VOTE RYRY!

Hey, RyRy here. You may have seen me around Whyville and so you may know me. If you vote for me, I will try to make Whyville a better placeby helping to get the face factory open for the public again. I will also try to get lifetime Whypasses back. So, this is 2001 veteran RyRy, signing off!**VOTE FOR RYRY!**

Editor's Note: Post your questions for RyRy in the BBS below. Please remain appropriate. Also, remember to cast your vote by going to the Welcome Page and clicking on "Senate Vote."


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