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Andy109's Updated Platform

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This is Andy109's updated platform. Please see the original posted below it.

You've read our platforms, and you've already voted once. But why choose any of us over the others? RyRy, BeeZD, Andy109. All snazzy names, snazzy looks, snazzy ideas.

Throughout my campaign, I've come to realize, what people really want is a senator who they can talk to. So, after reaching the Top 3, I realized, I better do something quick. I need to prove to Whyville that I am someone who listens.

The first thing I want to push for if I become senator is to give opportunities for real people to get involved. I think senators really need to become a strong link from the people to CWs. I'm proposing the idea of a -bolded if possible-Senator Forum- end bold-, held in the Greek Theater weekly, where everyone will have the opportunities to make suggestions, and senators will be there ready to listen. Senators are supposed to represent the people, and that's what they'll do through a weekly senator forum.

People have said things like, "You know, Whyville would be great if we had a Why-Court." And my response is, "You know what, we do need a Why-Court."

I hosted a little forum of my own in Club Why, asking citizens for their ideas and suggestions to improve Whyville. The following is what I've come up with:

Prom Night 2006 - I've heard from many people that we want a PROM. Well, you know what? SURE. Let's have a prom.

Design-a-CW-Face Contest - A good friend of mine is really keen on this idea, and as soon as it was mentioned in Club Why, a flurry of 'YES PLEASEs' roared into action.

Projectiles - We want vintage smilies back! Throwing around sads, frowns, yucks is great fun. Especially since they're cheap, and can be used in the WASA zero-gravity chamber.

Multi-Recipient Y-Mails - Have a message you want to tell ALL your friends? Well, you know what? You should be able to do it in one go.

Y-Mail Filters - Are you sick of getting mail from people you don't know? With new Y-Mail filters, you can choose to only accept mail from people in your Address Book. How's that sound?

Guest Speakers - We have SUCH a nice theatre, and we're letting it go to waste! New ways for people to have fun through discussion on Whyville are to ask guest speakers to talk to Whyvillians about different issues in and around the world. Someone has already suggested asking a nutrition expert to come to Whyville to talk to us about being healthy.

Meet-the-Maker Barriers - One of Whyville's most popular events are the Meet the Makers meetings in Club Why. However it doesn't take long before the CWs are swamped and you can hardly hear what they have to say! The idea of a little barrier around CWs to prevent people from sitting on top of them, or covering up their talk bubbles, is a great one.

Why-Court - One of the most popular ideas is a place where a citizen-run, CW monitored court can exist where taping fines, 911 reports, etc. can be disputed or appropriate action be taken against people who have slipped past fines before.

I mean, I can't take credit for all these ideas, they've all come from people like you. If you have other ideas to make Whyville a better place, vote for me. I'll bring to you the Senator Forum, where you'll have a chance to let your voice be heard.

Along with the ideas I've already posted in my original platform, I present to you, Andy109 for senator. Vote for me, and you won't be disappointed. I am open to Y-Mails at any time, feel free to send me any questions or comments. Thanks again, and vote for a stronger, united Whyville!

Andy109: Y-Mail Helper. Good Citizen Award. 5 yr. Vet. Solstice Safari Leader. Times Writer. Smartcar Top 10.

Bonjour mes amis! Salut vous! Hello Whyvillians! Hello all! I believe it is finally time for true change in Whyville. Voices deserve to be heard. As Whyville senator my primary concern is undoubtly you. What makes Whyville such a special place is the fact that a place for people is in fact run by real people - you, and me. Most of my concerns are of old ideas that I thought were wonderful, but are no longer in use today. I think many things should come back to Whyville. =) Also - as a Y-Mail Helper, I am fully aware of the kinds of problems newbies deal with everyday, and I believe that help mustbe much more accessible to them.

1) AUTOMATED HELP DESK. I believe Newbies should be able to search through a database or an FAQ to get a quick answer to a question such as "How do I earn clams?" RIGHT on the "Ask A Question Page." Questions could be answered sooner, and less strain would be put on the Y-Mail Helpers of Whyville.

2) SPECIALIZED Y-MAIL HELPERS. Splitting up Y-Mail helpers into categories such as "Games Help" or "General Question" or even "Technical Issue" could provide Helpers with the kind of work they WANT to do, while quickly providing newbies with the kind of help THEY want.

3) THE SAFETY PATROL AND PETITION BOOTH. I believe citizens should be able to sign up to help on the Safety Patrol - having priority to "Patrol 911 Report" petitions, BBS, etc. It not only would clear up the petition booth and BBSes, but it would also give more people the opportunity to participate in carrying a responsibly in our town. They can also act as important links towards to upholding the Good Citizen Award, one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a long time

4) RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF "WARN". Back in the day you received a devastating yellow X as "strike one", a red X as "strike two" and finally a boot for 3 strikes. Through re-initiation of this system, it could be much easier for citizens to take a simpler step towards safety.

5) CITIZEN ADVERTISING. When our nice pilot flew across Whyville Square for the first time, I was shocked. The average person could write a message for all to see! For a while, you could design little pictorial ads to display in The Times. Both of these things were amazing, brilliant ways to advertise Face Factory creations. But now, with petitions and senator elections, this might be another way to get your name known. These could be posted back in the Times, back flying across Whyville, or even on the Welcome Page. :D

6) FIXING OLD PROBLEMS. Rather than new innovations, a recent concern of many citizens is the fact that old games may or may not be working at this time. It is impossible to earn a completely maxed-out salary at this time because, for example, there is a glitch preventing you from earning salary for all the spin game objects. The ion engine path game doesn't seem to let you use infinite ions anymore. The sun spot puzzle is not working. I believe many of these things need to be fixed so we can all maximize our clammage.

7) FIND SPONSORS. Everyone wants a bank, or stock exchange, or more games. But we all also know we can't just have these things without sponsors. We need a page, like in City Hall, that offers a very, very high clam reward (because, honestly, adding a completely new game, or bank, or whatever deserves thousands of clams) to people who can ask sponsors to mention them as a referral. I think having an official award on display would get people interested in finding sponsors, and could possibly increase the growth of Whyville exponentially.

8) LIFETIME PASSES. Though Whyville might be making more money through monthly passes Ive always wanted to get one, more so after I realized we lost the chance and perhaps a one week event would encourage Whyvillians to buy y-passes, who havent already got one.

I would also like to take this time to congratulate the number of Whyvillians who are/have been senators, election finalists, and even general candidates every election. Good luck everyone! PS: Vote for me =D

Editor's Note:Post your questions for Andy109 in the BBS below. Please remain appropriate. Also, remember to cast your vote by going to the Welcome Page and clicking on "Senate Vote."


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