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Halloween Party: 2005

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Hey everyone! Rose775 here, reporting on the Hallowen Party that was on October 30th, 2005. In order to get there, you needed to go to Dr. Leila's, and wait a little bit. The question on a lot of peoples' minds was, "What was the password?" It was noteleks. (Skeletion backwards, LoL!) With that, many people waited hours for the Halloween Party to open.

Finally, the Halloween Party opened, so many people went into the Hauntington House, but unfortunately, some people were not able to get in, due to so many people being there. Only citizens with Why-Passes were able to get in without having "Chat stop" trouble.

It was very fun, in fact I was able to snap a few screenshots. =D Here, take a look:

Here is everyone at Dr. Leila's waiting for the Halloween Party to open! It was quite crowded! LoL!

This was when I arrived, I think I was the first to arrive there, LoL.

Here, everyone was finally there, asking people to vote for them for the Halloween Costume Contest!

These two pictures are pictures of some Whyvillians in the graveyard throwing projectiles at a grave stone. When you hit the grave stone a certain amount of times with projectiles (Pumpkin projectiles) it bursted out with clams! Almost like the Clam Shower in December, 2004!

Here we are all saying, "Cheese" for the Times! :-)

I hope everyone enjoyed my pictures!



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