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911 Mistake

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911 Mistake

    Guest Writer

Hi everyone cy0sk8 speaking! This is my first time writing for the Whyville Times, so please don't get mad if it's not good. But anyways, I'm getting a little off topic so I'll get to the point.

Just a while ago, I had an experience with a 911 report... It all started out as basically throwing pies and frowning each other. But then it turned to warning each other for no reason. By now we had two teams, one for the people on my side and one for the other. And after a while it turned to swearing...

So as I was saying, we started swearing and I said a bad word to this person, so I got muted for three days... Well, having the personality that I have, that got me even more mad than I already was.

I decided to take this so called popularity contest a step further. So I filed a 911 report on the person I was mad at. It turned out that I didn't read the directions on how to use a 911 call properly, because I used it to try and get this person muted like I was.

So anyway, a few minutes later I got the 911 report decision back.... Ah, no! Since I filed a 911 report just to win a popularity contest, I can't talk for a week!

The moral of this article is to not do what I did, which was file a 911 report just for a silly little war. So if you don't want to face the consequences of being muted, don't be dumb like I was, use common sense when filing a 911 report.

Well, anyways, thank you a lot for reading my article and I hope to be writing another article for the next Whyville Times.

Your friend,




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