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How to Make Face Parts

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Looking to make a great career as a face part designer? Did you just buy a Why-pass, see the Face Factory for the first time, and think to yourself, "Now what?" Hopefully, this article will help people understand the basics of shirt, eye, and hair designing.

Shirts: The best thing to keep in mind while designing shirts is that all basic shirts should be symmetrical! This means that the left side should be exactly the same as the right side. This isn't true with all shirts, although. Sometimes making jackets or something other than a t-shirt unsymmetrical will make it look even better and more detailed. The shirt shouldn't be too long, it should have a good sized neck, and (if you want), a nice design or logo on it. Here are some well designed shirts:

Caliho basic guy
another rock jacket =altarboy=

Eyes: These are very hard to make if you really don't know what you're doing. You need a round, oval-like shape for the eyes, but they shouldn't be symmetrical. To make the eyeball, make a circle shape, but some of it should be behind the eyelids. (You can make a circle in paint and copy it pixel-by-pixel, if you make it small enough.) Then, remember to fill in the unused part of the eye white. You don't want to use your hard-earned clams to design see-through eyes! Here are some well designed eyes:

JV co liquid ice
Lucidly Dreaming
And Love Said No

Hair: Ah, yes, hair. Quite possibly the hardest type of face part to design, but if you're good, it will get you a lot of clams each day. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of different variations as to how to make a hair, but this is how I do it:

First, just scribble! Scribbling out an outline until you get something that looks good is a great way to start a hair. Next, shade in the color hair you want. I recommend black, dark brown, blonde, or brownish-red. Black is probably best for beginners, since other colors need much more detail. Once you finish shading the hair, clean up any stray lines you may have drawn while scribbling an outline. The outline should be big enough for the average-sized hair, but not too big.

Next, and this is the hardest part of making hair, you need to shade it. Black is the only color hair that looks good as a solid color, but even then, it's not as good as it is shaded. Pick the darkest gray color, and again, scribble a shading outline. On the top of the hair, you should make a thick line that goes with the hair, never against it. Don't make it a solid color, either. Then, pick the next lightest gray, and shade inside your previous shading. Then, if there's a part in your hair, you should shade that as well in a similar fashion. Then, just shade the edges of the hair, and it should be finished! Here are some well designed (and properly shaded!) hairs:

Common black hair #yargpixie# (note the shading on the top, that's how most hair should be shaded)
Diabolikal Rapture
Dont Fear the Reaper
woah, common n kick me!
juice #yargpixie#

Sorry if my explainations are hard to follow, it's as simple as I can make them. I hope I helped, though, and good luck with your future designs!


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