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Eating Healthy

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Right now America is known for having a population with obesity. Most people can't resist all the junk food that is available; also the manufactures make usually sell them cheap so it attracts more people because it's a good deal. The ways you can prevent obesity is by eating the right foods, exercising, and occasionally having the good yummy foods that we all love. It is very important to be healthy and eat right because you will live longer. Also, obese people have a higher risk of getting serious illnesses, while healthy people have a lower risk.

There are many ways to stay healthy and fit. The ways I stay healthy can depend on eating right and staying physically fit. I eat three meals a day and a few healthy snacks to keep my metabolism up. Having a fast metabolism can help your body burn fat quicker. Usually for breakfast I try to eat healthy cereals like Raisin Bran or some natural cereal with not a lot of sugar like most cereals. For lunch I try to have salads with non-fatting dressing, chicken, beef, or fish. Then between lunch and dinner I get hungry so I have a snack. I usually have an apple, celery, or an orange. For dinner I can have the same things that I had for lunch. Also another tip I use: drink a lot of water!

Another key into becoming healthy or staying healthy is by exercising. It truly is the key to staying fit. Exercise helps your metabolism go up and when you exercise you become less hungry. It's good to exercise about an hour or two a every day but you shouldn't push the limit and get very tired because the next day you will be too tired to do exercise for the next day. Well, the exercise I do to stay fit is play soccer. It's good because you run a lot. I also do dance. It's a very good exercise because you gain muscles and that means you definitely can burn fat. All sports are a good way to stay physically fit even jumping on a trampoline for an hour can also count as exercise.

I hope more people will make better choices of what they eat. If you're healthy you will live longer. Also you will feel confident to show your body. Also instead of sitting or laying down watching football games on TV, go outside and play a football game with your friends. It's as easy as that!


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