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Beauty Co. Depot

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Beauty Co. Depot

Etrnl *
Whyville Entrepeneur
The Beauty Girl Co. Depot., otherwise known as the BGCO. Depot., is an amazing two building (and growing) space. This cannot be reached in Whyville because the Beauty Girl Co. Depot is in a Whyville Sector unknown to any Whyvillian. This is the section that we, here at Beauty Girl Co., chose as our final destination. Maybe, someday, you'll actually see these buildings in your Whyville Destination Bar!

This first building, Beauty Girl Co. Mall, is a surprising 3 stories and one attic high! The first floor is where you'll find all of the products from A-Z from the Etrnl * Co, Etrnl * Furniture, BGco and Beauty Girl Co. line-ups. On the second floor, you'll find activities of all sorts, from parties to dates of sales. On the third floor, well, most of you will never see this floor. This is for the people that work at Beauty Girl Co. ONLY!

File keeper
& BGco reporter

The little metal building beside the Mall is also for WORKERS ONLY! Of course you can tell from the name that it's where our products are made (THANKS AKBAR!).

We will have four to six buildings by the time we're done here!



Manager: BGco time
sheets & schedules
Hey hey hey, EtrnlNo2 here, cousin of Etrnl * and worker here at Beauty Girl Co. After begging and pleading and pouting (all I did really was ask), I got Etrnl * to let me give you one small piece of information from behind the doors of the THIRD FLOOR!

The staff had a meeting the other day. The agenda consisted of talking about the re-opening of Whyville, and the re-opening of Beauty Girl Co. We talked about the re-opening of our business, when our latest staff member entered, a newbie who knew a lot about ------------ (confidential information). She said that we should also open up our other add-off, Etrnl * Body Parts, and our furniture add off, Etrnl * Furniture Co. Further discussion became chaos, until Etrnl * cooled us down, and said that it was a great idea. So, in addition to our regular work as BGco-ians, we need to work on the Etrnl * co.'s, and get them back up and running. Hey, that's business, and I love it!



Beauty Girl Co/Bgco
BGco Sparkling Ice (A transformation type-like a stick with ice glowing on it)
BGco Sparkling Flame:Flame Inferno (Two fire flames)
Beauty Girl Co(BGco) Beauty Eyes (Blue eyes)
BGco Sparkling Storm: (Thick Black-pony-tailed hair)
BGco Make-up line-up: Fern Green (Green eyeshadow)
BGco Make-up Line-up: Gloss Girl (Glossy Lips)
BGco Make-up Line-up: Silver Blue (Blue eyeshadow)
BGco Make-up Line--up: Peachy (touch up peach block)
BGco Make-up Line-up: Cream White (White Eyeshadow)
BGco Sparkling Sand: Hair
BGco Sparkling Ice: Hair
BGco Make-up Line-up: Fire Bright (Red Eyeshadow)
BGco Right Pierced Ear
BGco Etrnl Celestial *'s eye
BGco anime wink eye any warrior
BGco Ice Princess Wear (Blue shiney winter wear)
Beauty Girl Co. Rosie Pink Rose (rose)
Beauty Girl Co Blue&purple gown (purple outfit w/ blue collar and streamers [blue] down arms)
Beauty Girl Co Baby Blue cutie (Blue sparkley Dress)
BGco Midnight Sapphire Beauty (Blue jean-like dress with black collar and gold necklace)
BGco by Etrnl * Lable
BGco Elegant Blonde Princess (Hair)
BGco Short and Beautiful Blonde (Hair)
Beauty Girl Co Animeline-up nose
BeautyGirl Co's AnimeLine-up eye
BGco's Geogeous Eyes w/ glitter
A Beauty Girl Blondie (hair)
Beauty Glitter Eye Beauty Girl Co

Etrnl * company: Body Parts

Etrnl Celestial *'s Gemstone#4
Etrnl Celestial *'s Gemstone#3
EtrnlCelestial*'s crown(add gems)
Etrnl Celestial *'s Gemstone#1
Etrnl Celestial *'s Forever wings (wings)
Etrnl Celestial *'s Gemstone#2
Etrnl Celestial *'s Dress + Wand


(A tiled Floor)
(wood table)



Board & Materials

Ok, here's the 4-1-1 (info.) on "wazzup" in BGco.! As you heard from Chibi-Etrnl * (EtrnlNo2), we're once again working on the Etrnl * companies.

Etrnl * also made a new black formal dress, we'll see if it comes out on the shelves. She also made some frosty lips, light pink. They're beautiful! Those we're sure will come to the Akbar Malls nearest you! We're working on designing a new body with a pink shirt and the word "PRINCESS" printed in gems of red and silver. Cross your fingers! Etrnl * is also getting ready to make the other ear. We only have one ear out, soon we'll have two sets of ears! She'll be in the factory in a bit, trying to get that to come out.

More hair'll come out, seeing that the BGco Princess Hair wasn't a very good seller. We hope to get some plain hair with some add-on stuff to make your hair your own.

Well, that's all for now! Have a great week!



(All will be told more about closer to time)
July 15th, 2001: Outta' School! Free At Last! Summer Sale!
August 30th, 2001: Awww, back ta' school?! Sale!
December 1st, 2001: BGco 2 Years Sale!
December 23-26th, 2001: Christmas Blues... Sale!


(All will be told about closer to time)
July 30th, 2000: Par-tae for the Free At Lasters! School is out BGco Party!
August 1st, 2000: BGco Fashion Show



Addressed to the Public:

Hey, welcome to the first sighting of the Beauty Girl Co. Depot! The only Whyvillians that have seen the Depot are the staff: swtpolly (also known as Sweet Polly), EtrnlNo2 (also known as Chibi-Etrnl *), PosiStar (also known as Lunetta), and QTBeauty (also known as Kaki).

Oh, and when we got together, they said that, if I mention their names, that they don't want to be mailed over any of this. You can mail me if you have questions, comments, or concerns coming with the BGco, or Beauty Girl co., or Etrnl * Body Parts, or Etrnl * Furniture Co.

Hope you like our two buildings so far. We'll have more on the way. They might not be quite interactive, but, well I'll tell you a bit in the next paragraph. Since this is the first opening, and we were on a tight schedule, there aren't any pictures of inside the mall. That'll come in our next article.

The next building that we'll add is an Application Building. This is a building that will keep all of your applications on file, through Sweet Polly (swtpolly), who's file keeper of BGco. It'll be a form, such as asking your Whyvillian name, What position interests you (make up one, such as advisor, Vice-board director, etc.), Why you think you'll be good at this position, and so forth. For right now, if you would like to send in an application, do it by Y-mail.

Y-mail swtpolly with the following information:
Whyvillian Name:
BGco or Etrnl * Co. worker (choose one):
Position (make up one that you think will be useful):
Why you think BGco/Etrnl * co needs this position:
What you can do as a part of Whyville, and BGco/Etrnl* co:
Persons (on Whyville) who can back you up (list three):

We want two more buildings added to our district. Help us come up with two more, by Y-mailing EtrnlNo2 with the two buildings that you think we need, and a description of them. Around 2 to 6 months, we'll add one more, so keep sending in!

That's All Folks!

~Etrnl * (Serenity, Hoshiko, or Amaterasu), Manager, and producer of BGco and Etrnl * co.~



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