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Citizens discuss Club Why.

 Concerned Whyvillian
Hi, it's Sodapop05 here. I just wanted to say how important Whyville is to us and we want to keep it so just wear the Whyville hat or join Club Y. It doesn't matter if you look weird in the Why hat or you don't want to spend money for Club Y, saving Whyville is one of the most important things ever, so SAVE WHYVILLE!



Faithful Citizen
Dear Whyvillians,

This is SASSY33 a very faithful Whyville citizen. If you've been on Whyville long enough you'll understand why some Whyville citizens are more sad about "THE END OF WHYVILLE" or not.

The older citizens of Whyville already know that Whyville is a fun and great place! We have worked so hard trying to get clams to buy stuff and to raise our salaries by playing learning games that are actually fun!!

Although I'm not a part of Club Why, I still very much support Whyville and I think you should too. Whyville is basically the only site I go on, everyday I go to http://www.whyville.com.

Please think for one moment, a 15 year old with nothing to do but sit and wait for the next best thing instead of Whyville, pretty dull, huh? Well, if you think that's bad, also imagine losing your Whyville account along with your clams and basically the whole package!!!! Pretty please with sugar on top show your support of Whyville by wearing "THE WHYVILLE HAT," it is absolutely free and on top of that, it's pretty cool for you fashion freaks! Right now I'm gritting my teeth wondering if my always beloved Whyville will be no more!

If you have any questions about why this is happening or want to know how to support Whyville, Y-mail me at SASSY33. I will for sure delete all unnessary e-mails and y-mails.

This Is A Very Sad SASSY33 Saying Goodbye?



Hopeful & Helpful
Hi, David13 here, and in case you're not aware, Whyville's in trouble. In less then 2 months we could lose our beautiful town. Whyville needs \$300.00 before May 1st. I'm not sure about you but I know I'll miss this town if it goes.

You can help by joining Club Y and telling all your friends about Whyville or just donate a few dollars. This is really important, Whyvillians, we could lose our town forever, so please donate a few dollars to save our town!!

Note from City Hall: Actually, David13, it's a *lot* more than \$300, but I really appreciate your support!!!



Happy to be a Whyvillian

I haven't been here that long, but already I'm finding out that Whyville may be shutting its doors, I hardly can bear it, like, where am I gonna hang out? I've made friends here that I care about a lot. I can't stand to see it come to tha end.

I mean this really hurts a lot, I joined Club Why right away when I heard about it, and so did my friend bmxking. But we need more ppl to join in order to pay the staff among other things that a site like this needs. I'm asking everyone, if you can, ***please join Club Why***. It's the only way to get the funds that Whyville needs in order to keep it runnin. Time is runnin out!

If you love Whyville like I do then talk to your parents, tell them THAT THIS SITE IS SOOOOO WORTH IT!! Please!

Thx, sincerely,




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