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Whyville T-Shirts

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Where did you pick your nose?
At Whyville, of course!

by Lois Lee
Times Staff

Taking a break from Renaissance artists and scientists, I'm covering an exciting upcoming event in Whyville this Thanksgiving week instead.

Just in time for Christmas, Whyville T-shirts are going to go on sale. Now this is not a T-shirt that you'd buy to wear in Whyville; it's a T-shirt to wear outside of Whyville, where we have to go now and again. You know, outside of Whyville where some people actually don't know what it really means to pick your nose?

Well, with these T-shirts, we'll inform them, and we'll be able to show off our Whyville faces all the time! I for one can hardly wait.

Your personalized Whyville T-shirt (it'll have your Whyville face and name) will go on sale starting next week. You'll be able to buy them using just clams, just dollars, or even a mix of clams and dollars.

If you're planning on using some dollars, you'll need to consult with the credit card holders of your family. So let them in on the news, and check back here next week to place your order!

Yours will have your face on it, of course.


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