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For Loyal Whyvillians

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For Loyal Whyvillians

    Guest Writer
Hi! This is catgirl bringing you an important SOT and Whyville announcement. I encourage every citizen, yes that means you! to read this carefully. You don't have to but you would if you consider yourself a loyal Whyvillian.

Well, as you know Whyville only has like 48 days until they are lost forever. Also, as all of you probably know, there are new hats. These hats are only -- and I repeat ONLY -- for Whyvillians who support Whyville and are helping Whyville to stay alive.

Now, there are some people who have gotten the hats just because they are the 'New Fashion Trend.' Well, I am here to say that they ARE NOT FOR FASHION. They are ONLY for loyal Whyvillians who love Whyville and devote their time to saving it. You don't have to join Club Y to help out Whyville. You can do the following:

  1. Make banners about SOT (Save our Town)
  2. Ask people to help out with SOT
  3. Spend 1 hour a day helping Whyville
  4. Do real-life bake sales, babysit, and give all the money you earn or at least some of the money you earn from the bake sales and babysitting to Whyville. It also wouldn't hurt to pitch in some of your allowance, if you get one.

Those are some things you can do to save Whyville. Here are a few things NOT to do:

  1. Ask people to join Club Y
  2. Threaten other Whyvillians

The reason you don't want to ask people to join Club Y is because some people really want to join but their parents won't pay the money, or they don't have the money. So that is very critical. They won't admit that they are sad and want to join, so they act tough. Might as well not bother them.

If you have a hat and you aren't spending at least 30 minutes a day helping Whyville and doing the things above, then your hat will be confiscated unless you have a good excuse....

I would also like to recognize someone, well, no two people, who have, like me, spent most of their time saving Whyville. They are:




For all you other Whyvillians out there who are working hard to help Whyville, keep up the great work! You're awesome! You are true Whyvillians!

Here is a little rap I made up to go along with SOT:

We love Whyville
it is the best
We love Whyville
it's better than all the rest
We love Whyville
lets save our town
We love Whyville
it ain't going down!





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