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Family Values

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Family Values

    Guest Writer
Hioz! fellow Whyvillians. This is about my family. A long time ago when I was a newbie, I didn't know much nor had many clams. People kindly donated to me and I thanked them with all my heart.

One day I was depressed because not many people talked to me. Then someone came along and said, "Hello, Sassy, would you like to be part of my family?"

I was so excited! I didn't know many people, and soon I was going to be part of a whole family! The next day I received a message from my Whyville mother Koolchic, welcoming me to the family.

The reason I wrote this was for the newbies. Newbies of Whyville are sometimes ignored and given the cold shoulder, but if you're a newbie and someone is talking about adoption, then you could kindly ask, "Will you be my Whyville Mom/Dad?"

By getting a mom/dad you're increasing your social rank. You can talk to your mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, or whomever. A family can also help you in times of need and desperation. I strongly suggest a family to you.

In fact, you can start a family of your own! A few people in Whyville that may help you start your family are: SASSY33, Koolchic, crazee, flirt11, and many more!

If you are a newbie and would like to be adopted by me, Y-mail me. I am the proud mother of an almost all girl family and a grandma! lol


Newbie Friends

Crazee and Flirt11
  Guest Writers
Crazee and Flirt11 here. Over the last few months, we've noticed newbies just trying to be friends with someone, but the other person always thinks the newbie wants something from them, such as clams, and ignores them.

When we were newbies, it was hard finding thoughtful and giving people who would help us out. It took quite a while to look as we do today.

Now, Flirt11 and I are looking just as we always wanted because of some generous Whyvillians. This is when we got an idea; we'd ask some of our close friends on Whyville if they'd like to be a person who newbies can contact if they need advice, help, or just a friend. Here are the people who agreed to help:

  • Morris
  • Becka123
  • froggy200
  • Arch17
  • cool2chic
  • 90Angel
  • Ray44
  • freeman
  • shhoona
  • element
  • googles
  • duckie4
  • sweetfox
  • twilite
  • flirt11
  • crazee

To all the newbies on Whyville, we hope this helps you!!

This is Crazee and Flirt11 signing off.



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