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We forget, we all do. We forget what got us the clothes we are wearing, the sheets over our beds, the food on the table. And everything seems good.

You and your friend are over your fight, your brother is gone for the weekend, you got a new cd. Everything is great. Well, not for some people.

While you lay on your bed, wishing there were more fudge left on the table, some people in the world just want a scrap of food from the garbage cans. And even some garbage cans in those places are empty. Yes, garbage cans are empty since so many homeless and poor want the leftover food from the metal bins.

It pains me when I think about the other day I was begging for a new iPod, while others are begging for a meal tonight. "How could I be so selfish?" I thought. And that's when I sat down in front of the T.V. to ponder.

On an advertisment is when I found this out. Found out to save lives. Or at least help save them. This progam is called "Feed the children." It is a non-profit organization that brings food to the homeless and hungry. They donate about 4,000,000 dollars worth of food a year. This goes to hospitals and orphanages and somtimes they just open up the back of their truck and tell people to take a box of food that the workers estimate will feed a family of five for 2 weeks.

My family donates 50 dollars a month to help this wonderful cause and I am pleased to know that Feed The Children is now in Africa helping the families there. I know that just because I wrote this article does not mean you will start donating money, but I hope that this article will help you understand more what some people go through.

I have heard of children, younger than you and me sleeping in the dirt, maybe 30 of them in a tiny space. Hunger knawing at the stomachs. Wearing burlap bags for clothes. Then think about what you can do to help them. To get some decent clothes on them, shoes on their feet, a nice warm meal, and maybe, just maybe, someone that will take them in and love them

You're at home in front of the computer wondering what clothes you are going to wear to school tomorrow, while others are wondering if they will see tomorrow.



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