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Cast Away and Down to Earth

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Cast Away
Rhiney makes a Best Picture nomination.

    Movie Go'er
Yesterday my family and I went to see Cast Away! I thought it was awesome.

At first I thought the movie would be over my head. I didn't understand some parts, but I got the majority of the movie. I think the movie is best for 10+ kids. The scariest part was when he was on the island.

Cast Away rolls laughter (Wilson), sadness, and chills all in one. The effects were awesome, and the plot was so true. I think any movie go'er should see this movie. It is probably the best movie of the year. I won't be surprised when I see how much money it made this week in box-office!

This is Movie Go'er Rhiney signing off!


Down to Earth
This one has CookiDots rolling in the aisles.

    Movie Go'er
Hello, I'm going to do a review a funny movie that's called "Down to Earth."

This movie stars Chris Rock. He starts off as a man who wanted to be comedian. He had an agent but every time he went on stage he got right back off with a lot of "boos" following him

One night after he got booed off the stage he was going home on his bike when he saw the woman of his dreams walk by. He was so distracted by the woman he didn't know what was going on, and he went head on with a semi and died.

He went to heaven and it turned out that one of the angels had made a mistake -- he wasn't supposed to have died then. So, the angel sends the comedian back as a rich fat old white person.

The rest of the movie explains how he runs into the woman he saw at the car accident and how the angel made that old guy temporary, so at one point in the movie he dies again and comes back different... I don't want to tell you the ending, though.

It might not sound like a great movie, but I was dying of laughter at the end. I hope you go and see it!!!!

<3 love ya,



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