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Whyville All the Way

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Whyville All the Way

    Guest Writer

See? That's our new Whyville symbol -- one of the many ways we can prove that we support Whyville. It's easy -- go to the Square and you'll see it. Easy enough -- you just have to click on it, and then you'll see a code. Highlight the code, click on the right side of the mouse, select copy, and then go to your web page. Then click again on the right side -- then click paste. Ta da! You'll have your own Whyville badge.

As you might know, they are other ways to show your support -- one is the y-hat. Yah, I know it's ugly. But now in Akbar's there are S.O.T flags (Save Our Town) you can put on your face. Plus, this Hawaiian dress goes great with the hat:

But not all of Whyville citizens love their town. Not all the peeps want to save it. I almost screamed and I almost cried when I saw this:

    "Down wit y-ville!" it said.

How can anyone want that? Shame to you, shame.

Also, there is a club you have all heard about: Club Why. Yah, I know. It costs a lot of clams, and most parents won't let their child put down their credit card number, I know mine didn't. But all the same, try to support Whyville even if it comes out of your own wallet.

And you know what will support Whyville the most? Just say to yourself, "I LOVE WHYVILLE" and defend your town if someone puts it down. All you need to have to support Whyville is a love for it.




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