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Please Un-Ban Ildenso87

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Please Un-Ban Ildenso87

    Guest Writer
Dear City Hall,

Hi, my name is BadBoy87, and I am real-life best friends with ildenso87, a member of Whyville that you banned. He goes to my school in Canada, and is an honor roll student along with me.

He foolishly lent his password to a person in our class named Casey, in hopes that she would raise his salary. Unfortunately, his plan back-fired! Not only did his salary not get raised, but he got BANNED FROM HIS SECOND FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!! (His favorite place in the world is Tony Roma's.)

I, for one, know that he has said about two swear words in front of me in his entire life, and I have known him since grade 1, and we are both in grade 8 now! He is what you would call a "good kid." He obeys his parents, teachers, and other adults, in real life.

When he foolishly lent his password to a girl named Casey, she told other people in our school what his password was, and go figure, they went on his file in hopes of having a bit of fun by getting him into trouble!!! It was really unfair what the kids did, but Casey will not tell us who she gave the password to, only that she gave the password to at least 4 other kids!

Ildenso87 loves Whyville, and if you look at his records, he used to go on usually around twice a day, and work hard to play games to raise his salary, save up clams for face parts that he wanted to buy, and chat with me and other friends from our school! I am not exactly sure what the people who had his password did, but it was obviously pretty bad, in order to get him banned!!

I realize your authority, and that you can keep him banned, but I, as his friend, ask (and beg!!) that you please, please, please, please with a cherry on top, unban ildenso87! I have made a petition that other people in my class have signed that know ildenso87 in real life, and we all, plus him, really want to get him back on Whyville!


He told me to tell you that the minute that you let him back on (if you do, because I know that you have the power not too, but I beg you to because I really want to chat with him on Whyville, because he is one of the only people that I know of that is on Whyville) he will change his password, and he will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER give his password out again to ANYONE!!!!!

As his best friend, I once again beg you to un-ban ildenso87! Please!

Other friends of ildenso87 who vouch for him as being a good kid are: glamgurl5, gurlie03, barbie16, angel2700, AnnaDrew, iltomeeso, DrPepper, jorgio#10, pototo, sunfire13 and Alien. There are other people in real life, but they do not have Whyville accounts! ALL OF US BEG FOR YOU TO LET ildenso87 BACK ONLINE! PLEASE!

Thank-you for your time,


Note from City Hall: BadBoy87, you're a good friend. And you are doing Whyville a public service by helping people understand why sharing passwords is such a terrifically bad idea. Thanks for sending this letter to the Times. I've unbanned ildenso87.



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