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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week
It's been an exciting week in Whyville

If you haven't heard something about an imposter in Whyville already, you must not have been to Whyville this entire week, because that's all everyone's been talking about. The Whyville Times brings you exclusive reports from our newest fields reporter Hotstuf12 and guest columnist Pikachu2.

They're new to the Times, so send them some mail and congratulate them for their efforts!

Also in the news this week is the start of Whyville's first Eyeball Expedition, the Solstice Safari. Sign-up for this safari closes Dec 3, 1999, but already there have been many more people expressing interest than Tiki Tours had expected. Due to this overwhelming response, Tiki Tours has decided to organize multiple expedition teams.

Those of you who have signed up, the tour officially starts Saturday Dec 4. Go to the first page of your travelog on Saturday and take a moment to choose an expedition team. The safari will continue once the teams are chosen and organized.



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