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The War of the Dough and the Cookie Cutters, Part I

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The War of the Dough and the Cookie Cutters

 Whyville Writer
The wind was howling, making the same sound as cloth on a cylinder moving quickly and rubbing against the ground, and the quickly falling rain sounded like marbles falling in puddles. Outside, you could see nothing at all except for what looked like grayish, almost invisible trees. The air outside smelled watery, and the air inside smelled like... like.... like the inside of a house.

Twelve year old Okanokabaneechi was running around in the heat in Africa, but then a giant worm came up and ate him, so I guess he won't be in this story.

And little did Billy Bob Joe George Jim Harry know that I'm not going to put HIM in this story either, because he's a stupid, all around jerk.

But the dough and cookie cutters, who were by far the least exciting characters in the story (due to the fact that they have no arms), just HAD to be the only characters that were alive at the time that I wrote the story.

The pieces of dough were planning revenge on the cookie cutters, because of all the times that they had sliced them all up.

"So what're we gonna do?" asked Bob.

"You guys can go find something out without me," said George.

"That's no fair!" exclaimed Bob

"Why not?" responded George, "Anyways, you always do it to me!"

"I agree with Bob!" Joe cut in, "Name one time you helped us!"

"Alright! I'll go get my cougar magnum," said George to all the other pieces of doughs' relief.

And they were off, moving almost as fast as a rock sitting on the side of the road.

"How are we supposed to get there?" asked Sam. "How did you get your cougar magnum? How are we even TALKING?!?!"

"Anybody care what this guy says?" asked George.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed all the other pieces of dough.

And they were off, moving almost as fast as a rock stuck in a cement bar stuck into a planet that doesn't even move, as somebody holds onto it to make sure that it doesn't go to fast.

"He actually has a point." admitted George. "I never did help you before."

Sam grumbled over the din of George when he tried to shoot a tree over for no reason and then screamed in a high pitched voice because he just found out he had no body parts.

"Well I guess that won't be much help" said George. "But I still have my cougar magnum!"

The other pieces of dough stared stone-faced at him.

"Never mind," said George, knocking his gun off the counter.

The other pieces of dough kept staring.

"WHAAAT?!?!?!?!" asked George.

"Nothing" said Bill. "Lets keep going."

And they were off moving almost as fast as a fish that instantly gets paralyzed when it's out of water on a desert on a planet that doesn't even move.





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