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Canadians & Americans: What's the Big Deal?

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Canadians & Americans
What's the big deal?

    Times Writer
Okay, I know that many people on Whyville are from Canada, and this article is not meant to offend anyone, I am simply stating my opinion on an "issue" in Whyville.

A little bit ago, I went on Whyville. I went into the pool, and a bunch of Canadians were there. They started talking about how bad the U.S. is, and how people who live in the U.S. always say bad things about Canadians. Well, I think that is being totally hypocritical. Those people were doing exactly what they were saying people in the U.S. do. And I was offended, because I don't have a problem with Canada, or Canadians, and here they were saying ALL people from the U.S. hate Canadians. Well, I don't, and don't know anyone that does. And I think that the Canadians who are trashing the U.S. and citizens of the U.S. are being as judgemental as they say people from the U.S. are!

Now, I understand why Canadians may not like the U.S., I mean, I know that Canada doesn't get as much attention as the U.S., even though their country is awesome! (And I know, I've been there and loved it.) But still, it isn't my fault! Just cuz I live in the U.S. I have people telling me what a jerk I am, and how I should be less judgemental of Canadians.

Also, the U.S. isn't that bad. You always hear about crimes and violence and drugs -- all bad things about the U.S., but it's really not that bad! There are crimes and violence, but we have people workng hard (just like any other country) to try to fix these things. The U.S. really doesn't have much more violence than other countries, but you have to realize something about our media; they look for bad, immoral stories, because it's what people read and are interested in. Some of the stuff you hear isn't even true! So I would appreciate it if (some) people stop saying that the U.S. is filled with crime, violence and drugs, and that everyone there is rude and a criminal! Because I know this is not true.

I know that not all Canadians make stereotypes of me because I live in the U.S. So this isn't meant to say that all Canadians are U.S. haters! This is just for the people that are aggravating me because of where I live.

Okay, that's all.

The End

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