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Standing Up for Newbies

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Standing Up for Newbies

    Times Writer
*This article is dedicated to all the Newbies*

I was in the square when a newbie came and started talking to me. She had NO clams and No idea how to play any games. Everyone just ignored her. She had no plot, no friends and, worse than all that, no clams.

I started to help, I gave her 98 clams to get her started, then I explained how to play games and introduced her to some of my friends. After about one month, she had a house and two rooms. She gives me little "presents" and she wishes to remain anonymous.

I interviewed her:
Me: What was it when you first came into the Square?
Muffy000: Well, there were a lot of really pretty gurls talking to some boys. I felt totally left out.
Me: Did you ask them for help?
Muffy000: Yes, but after a while they told me to get lost.
Me: So did you try to figure out how to get clams by yourself?
Muffy000: Yes, but I had no idea where to go.
Me: Then you came back to the Square?
Muffy000: Yuppers, and you were there.
Me: If you could change one thing in Whyville, what would it be?
Muffy000: More guys. lol j/k. A way to make things easier for newbies.
Me: You mean like, clams when you start?
Muffy000: Ya, stuff like that.
Me: Thanks Muffy000
Muffy000: Your welcome!

Muffy was lucky, but many newbies aren't. I don't mean that you have to donate clams to every newbie you see, many Whyvillians would be broke after that. But, if you talk to them, explain how to get clams and be friendly, it will make the newbies feel a lot better, and like Whyville more.

Muffy000 was right, newbies need more help. A lot of peeps say newbies need more help, but nothing is done about it.

Please sign my petition named NEWBIES, if it??s still up!

Please Y-mail me if you have any questions or comments!

Tech-Girl signing off =)


   Guest Writer
Imagine this; being a Whyville "newbie" and having ZERO Whyvillians accept you. Can you think of it? Hundreds of people a day go through this here in Whyville. They sign up and go into Whyville Square to chat, and what do they get? REJECTION. Plenty of "oldies but goodies" can remember the same feeling if they think of when they first signed up. I have thought of plenty of things not to do when you are around a newbie, and here they are:
  1. Never ever, ever ignore them. How would you like it?
  2. Don't tell them they are ugly, because they aren't. They are just "special".
  3. Never warn them. Having them start off with a warning makes them think that everyone at Whyville is bad. I don't think anyone at Whyville is bad, whether they be "newbies" "oldies" or "oldies but goodies".

Here is what you should do to make those "new comers" feel right at home:

  1. Do you have a Frisbee? Pass it to them, you might have to tell them how to use it though.
  2. Just say Hi! to start a conversation, you may be surprised.
  3. Y-mail them, this always brings a smile to any Whyvillian.

If you particularly don't like the "newbies," don't make fun of them, just say hi, and try to be calm. As some hippie always said, "Just give peace a chance." Teehee. Bye now!



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