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Password Theft

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Password Theft

anonymous writer
    Whyville Citizen
Dear Whyvillians,

My name is Gina. I am only 11 years of age. Recently I stole some accounts and took clams from others. My victims were Chloe14, Star147, babeblue, and SASSY32. I am terribly sorry to them and wish I could make it up to them.

This isn't my first time stealing accounts. I even told my mom about it, and she grounded me from the computer for 7 months, I get no allowance, and I can't go out with my friends.

If you can forgive me please write to the Times Editor, who will send the letters to me. It'll make me feel better and insure to my mom that I did give a proper apology.

I'm never coming on Whyville again. There hopefully will be not as much pain and suffering in Whyville.

Self Demoted Whyvillian,
(Prefer not to say)


   Whyville Citizen
Hey, I just wanted to share my thoughts on password stealers. They are NOT good people. I personally don??t think we need this happening in our little town.

Please be careful whom you give your password to because not many people can be trusted anymore. Here is an scenario in which one might try to get your password... it??s a true story.

Mango2 and loli were just friends for a few days but then loli persuaded mango2 to give him her password. She agreed because they were friends and he gave her his password too. The next day Mango2's password didn't work so she went into loli's account and checked her info. It said mango2 was a boy, and her face had been completely re-arranged. Mango2 did get her account back but loli stole her clams and some of her face parts. It could have been worse, though.

This could happen to anyone so please be careful what you tell people.



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