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Animal Abuse: the Sad but True Story

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Animal abuse is seen in many different ways. Some would say that eating an animal is abuse, others believe hitting an animal, or not taking care of an animal is abuse. Now I'm not a vegetarian, so I can't say that eating an animal is abuse, because more than half the U.S.A. eats animals. But all other harm towards animals, in my opinion is abuse.

The fur trade for instance, strips an animal of its fur, to sell to a factory, to put on clothes, to sell to people in stores. I have seen actual videos of this awful act, and it's certainly not pretty. Those horrible people take an animal by its feet, cut some of its fur from the feet, then tear the fur right off of the animal (which would be like tearing the skin off of a human). They then throw the animal on the ground, all while it's still alive! If the animal cries, they hit it in the head with a hammer, to try to crush its skull!

Then in the video you look in the background, and there are rows, and rows of cages full of unfed, not cared for, helpless animals, all about to be stripped of all the fur they have, and trust me, it's not painless.

Another form of animal abuse, which unfortunately is very common, is actual abuse, involving beating an animal, or not feeding, watering, or providing shelter for an animal. These animals are slowly headed for a painful death.

Dog fights, and rooster fights are also abuse, which is illegal, but some people still hold them in hidden places so the can bet money on which animal will survive the fight. The fights normally last until one of the dogs, or roosters is dead, then the winning dog/rooster just gets thrown into a cage, and the people who betted on that dog/rooster get their money.

Animal abuse is horrible, but happens around the world everyday. If this information really made you want to do something to help stop it, or to help the animals who were saved from abuse like this please go to http://www.aspca.com. Also, http://www.peta2.com and http://www.peta.com offer more information about animal abuse and what you can do to help. Please keep in mind the videos about the fur trade are not meant for young kids, I give the videos a PG-13 rating, and if you get sick easily, an R rating.

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