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Think About Others!

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Think About Others!

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As most of you know, there are many people that claim to be popular on Whyville... but too many of them are stuck up, and ignore what most people have to say. They also usually say they have over 2,000 clams and then won't even pay any attention to the needy newbies on the street.

Many others claim to have SOO many friends on Whyville that they don't know what to do... they also try and ignore people because they think it makes them look good, and they leave others out on conversations.

I was in the Sportsplatz one day and saw a conversation between a newbie and some people who "claim" to be "popular" on Whyville. Popular #1 is one of the popular people, and Popular #2 is the other popular person. Newbie represents the newbie. Here is the conversation I heard...

Newbie: Hi everyone! How are you all?

Someone else: I am doing fine... I got mail! BRB!

Newbie: Okay...

Newbie to Popular #1 : I love that hair!

Popular #1 to Newbie: Ya, so? I'm not getting it for you, geek!

Newbie: I didnt mean for you to buy it for me... it was only a compliment.

Popular #1: Yeah, right! Why don't you go get some hair or something! You look so stupid!

Newbie: I do not look stupid!

Popular #1: Yeah you do! And is that the Jay Leno head!? My gosh! Who... I mean WHAT are you!?!

Newbie: You're mean! = <

Popular #1: Aww... little cry baby? Hey, Popular #2, come here!

Popular #2 comes over: What do you want?

Popular #1: This girl, no wait, boy, here is asking me for clothes and body parts and clams!

Popular #2: Ugh! I hate that! Don??t you?

Popular #1: Yeah!

Newbie: I didn??t ask you for anything! I just told you your hair looked nice!

Popular #1: No you didn??t, and this is NOT your conversation...

Popular #1 then warns the newbie!

Popular #2 then follows Popular #1's footsteps and warns the poor newbie too, as do other followers and boyfriends. The newbie gets warned more than enough times to get sent out of the Sportsplatz...

If you would like to help newbies, please contact me and I will you give you a list of newbies you can help. You can be friends and if you like, you can send a donation to them! They will be grateful, either way! If you would like to become popular, have friends, and be happy, follow these simple and fun steps!

  1. Become a newbie supporter or just give them basic face parts to start them out... you can also give them advice on how to raise their own salaries, since that??ll help them a lot more in the long run!
  2. Be nice to newbies, populars, no-frienders (not saying there are any no-frienders out there, because they are all welcome to be my friend!), do not warn someone unless they are cussing or if they are picking on someone...
  3. Y-mail someone you don't even know! Go to the City Records and click on one of the letters at the top... then find a cute name that you arent familiar with and Y-mail them! They will be happy and grateful you did!
  4. Be involved in lots of things on Whyville... all the Safari hunts... start a fun, funny hobby club, or even an official Whyville Times journalist club! You can even have friendship clubs or anything you want... I made the "Whyvillian Friendship Club." I have not yet announced or advertised for it, but believe me I will! And if you are interested, please Y-mail me!
  5. Don't be stuck up, talk to everyone! And when someone whispers to you or says you have something nice on, don't accuse them of something bad. Just say thank you and give them a nice, truthful compliment back.

That's all from me! This is Flower02 also known as LilFlower, signing off...



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