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New News that's Good News

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New News That's Good News
The Christmas contest and how vaporize, report, and the new filter has helped Whyville

Bigfoot Bill
Times Writer and City Worker
Hey hey, fellow citizens! Your intrepid Times reporter Bigfoot Bill here, back from weeks of brainstorming and investor schmoozing, bearing some big news and some old news...

First, the old news -- do y'all remember the Christmas decoration contest? Almost everybody in Whyville made their own Christmas tree ball, and we held a contest to see whose was the wierdest, whose was the worst, and, of course, whose was the best. Now, announcing the "worst decoration" seems a tad tactless, but we do have winners for Best and Wierdest:

  • Best Decoration: drumroll please... Sparkles!




  • Wierdest Decoration: another drumroll, please... HappyDap5!


Both winners will receive 100 clams, and a trophy!

Now, the news about Whyville itself: it was only two months ago that City Workers began setting up the WhyWatch tools, including vaporize, the 911 report tool, and the pull-down menu you get when you double-click on somebody. At about the same time, the Workers upgraded the language filter. It was a lot of work, and sure felt a little too "Big Brother" at times, but it's been worth it!

Since the new tools came up, Whyville has seen a 74% drop in bad behavior!!! This is amazing, a fantastic stat that we can share with possible investors, who will be very impressed with the way the Whyville citizens banded together to choose our community standards and to enforce them together.

And as icing on the cake, another extremely cool investor has jumped on the Whyville bandwagon! He thinks we have the opportunity to change the way the entire internet economy works, and it's because of your constant support that we've been able to get here.

Thanks, y'all!

From the informed information superhighway of Bigfoot Bill's desk,

Stay newsworthy!



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