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Fashion Fanatics!

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Fashion Fanatics!

Fashion Writer
Hey all you fashion freaks out there! Gettin' ready to find that new outfit at Akbar's... wanna spend some of those extra clams that you have layin' around? Well don't just look under *, ~*~, and Others! There's great stuff all over Akbar's.

Here are some of my favorite things from A to Z. Hope ya like them too, although you might not... hey, this is the fashion I like... maybe you don't.

A: Girls- A Great Buy (only 20 clams for such cute sunglasses!) Boys- AAwesome Shades (21 clams!)

B: Girls- beach top by: samclub11 (32 clams for a cute shirt!), blue raspberry (cute, blue hair for 28 clams) Boys- Blue Maui Shirt (49 clams... kinda pricy... but worth it!) Both- bubblegum (still chewy! 20 clams!)

C: Girls- check out my tank (sooo cute... for 20 clams) Boys- sorry guyz, nothin much here for you!

D: Girls- eyebrows (15 clams) Boys- Dr. Who Scarf (40 clams... but keeps ya sooo warm!)

E: Girls- Etrnl Celestial*s Crown... add gems (30 clams), Etrnl Celestial*s Gemstones (4-5 clams each)

F: Girls- Face with Long Brown Hair (24 clams for face and hair... such good deal!)

G: Both- Goldfish Cracker YUM! (2 clams) Boys- Guys Gold Cross Chain (25 clams... is this real gold????)

H: Girls- hair endings (13 clams... great hair extensions!)

I: Both- I'm an Angel (of course you are... yeah right... well anywayz... 20 clams), Ice Blue Shades (sooo cute... and keep your eyes from gettin hurt?? 40 clams)

J: Nothin much for anyone... sorry!

K: Nothin here either... gettin kinda lazy in the J's and K's!

L: Boys- Leather Cap (10 clams) Girls- Lucky 13 Tee ~*~By LilyDevil~*~ (29 clams... sooo cute!)

M: Girls- milli's hair (50 clams...)

N: Both- Nose (2 clams... hey it's cute!)

O: Girls- Orange Crush Lipstick (43 clams)

P: Girls- Pretty Lashes (5 clams each... there's a right one and a left one) Both- Pacifiers (all of them are cute that are 10 clams each... my fave is the Santa one... not sure what it's called)

Q: Girls- QTCo Super Star Tee (40 clams... cute!) Boys- Quick Silver Sweat Shirt (44 clams... ooh looks warm and comfy!)

R: Girls- Red lips (43 clams... maybe you'll get a kiss with these lips!) Both- Rosie (only 8 clams and makes the perfect face!)

S: Girls- Sunset Rose (makes ya look like ya just were in Hawaii... only 6 clams!), Strawberry Ring Pop (yummy! 20 clams!), Strawberry... Yum! (5 clams... cute 2 put on a white shirt or something!) Both- all SnowCo*Snowflakes (between 5 and 11 clams each!)

T: Nuttin!

U: Nope... not here!

V: Sorry!

W: Girls- Whispy Highlights for brown hair (nice 64 clams... wish I could find some cute brown hair so I could get these extensions!), White Poofy Winter Jacket (64 clams... keeps me sooo warm when I'm snowboarding or just in the cold or snow!)

X: Boys- Xllent Blonde Guy (such cute guy hair for only 30 clams!)

Y: Nothin!

Z: Better go buy some of that stuff!

Well I hope that you like some of this stuff and stop only lookin in the popular spots and look in the alphabet stops! Hey... you might find what you??re looking for!

Well bi bi and GO SHOPPIN!



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